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Lily Campbell is an award nominated director, producer, photographer and VR developer. She is most well known for her work in the adult entertainment industry. She speaks, consults and writes about adult productions, sexuality and tech. She is an active proponent of integrity in the adult industry as well as a pioneer in high-quality VR filming.

Lily focuses on authenticity and empowerment in all aspects of her adult film and photo work. She encourages the discovery that the best possible content (and life experience) comes from embracing who we are and communicating our actual thoughts, feelings and desires. She has specialized in portraying realism and what Forbes calls, "Edutainment Porn".

Much of the time she can also be found working outside of the adult industry, on projects with a decided lack of nudity. She chooses to work only within environments that foster integrity and growth, professionally and personally. Her focus directs her towards challenging, high-impact scenarios. She is known as both a perfectionist and a problem solver, and is a go-to producer, director, and consultant for both the adult and non-adult media industries. 

Creativity, humor, honesty and accountability are traits that Lily embodies, seeks out and works to cultivate in others. She is a natural advocate. Outside of the adult industry, social service, cultural and music non-profits have utilized her for speaking engagements, liaison, organizing, funding and policy projects. Artists and companies consult with her on project management, best practices and creative direction. She has a brain which bridges the gap that can exist between artistic talent and business savvy.

Her love for exploring how sound, light, we and the world works is palpable. She is quick to laugh at, and loves, this elegant cosmic prank in which we live.

Lily is now freelance and enjoys working on both adult and non-adult film, photo, audio, tech, journalistic, social responsibility, artistic and educational projects worldwide.

Lead Producer & Director at YanksVR & 2009-2018

Lily Campbell was the Lead Producer & Director of from 2009-2018 and the Lead Producer, Director, VR developer and co-owner of since its conception in 2016 until 2018 when production for the sites ended. 

She led the content creation of both sites to critical acclaim as well as award nominations including:

AVN Best VR Site 2017 (YanksVR)

AVN Best VR Site 2018 (YanksVR)

AVN Best VR Sex Scene 2018 (YanksVR)

XBIZ Adult Site of the Year Niche 2017 (Yanks)

XBIZ Specialty Site of the Year 2018 (Yanks)

XBIZ VR Site of the Year 2017 (YanksVR)

XBIZ VR Site of the Year 2018 (YanksVR)

YNOT Best VR Content Provider 2018 (YanksVR)

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Commercial and private projects worldwide

Creative/Team Direction, Consulting, VR development, Writing, Speaking, Photography, Directing and Producing. She is passionate about her work and loves sharing that with others.

Lily Campbell

Empowering Videography and Photography

Lily has a focus on authenticity and empowering people to embrace themselves as natural, beautiful, and without shame. She enjoys creative projects with depth. She is available for both private and commercial projects worldwide.

Ethically Produced Porn

Lily is a producer, director, requested speaker and writer on the subject of ethical porn. She has fourteen years of experience producing ethically created content and shares openly about it. She enjoys consulting, producing and directing for companies and teams who seek her unique perspective. Ethical porn varies in subject material and is not limited to gentle caresses and soft lighting. It's all about the process.

Virtual Reality

Lily Campbell is a pioneer in high-quality VR film production. Coming from a tech standpoint, she has developed her own VR camera rigs which she uses according to her own workflow. As a director, she focuses on the immersive nature that can be achieved with up-close-and-personal VR. 

Lily is open to consultations, custom rig building, and possibly producing VR content for the right companies.

Lily's Interview For YouPorn's Female Director Series

YouPorn asked Lily to participate in their Female Director Series which first aired on International Women's Day in 2016. This is a SFW (visually) video about her job, feminism and the adult industry. 


She has much different hair now ;)

Quotes about Lily


Lily has shot hundreds (she lost count after 500) models- here's what some of them say:

"Lily holds really incredible space to feel supported, cared for, respected, and safe. She does such a great job with positive affirmation and being complimentary throughout the shoot. I appreciate her high levels of awareness and professionalism. I'd recommend anyone to work with her!" - Iris Ives

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lily on and off since 2009. She’s always very professional but her compassion shines through everything she does. Her skill set has grown over the years and any company that hires her has found a gem. Loyal and dedicated... she is always looking for ways to be creative and benefit the group." - Amber Chase, AVN Nominee

"Lily Campbell has an artistic eye to match her professional, kind, and encouraging manner. She has always taken time to make sure I feel safe and comfortable throughout our shoots, both physically and emotionally. What a good communicator! 

    Her lighthearted sense of humor and down to earth nature make it easy to follow the clear, patient direction she gives from behind the camera. 

    She is a revolutionary feminist taking the world of pornography by storm. I admire her drive to take porn away from the fake and into the more truly genuine. She strives to make the kind of porn the world needs more of, and I've felt both honored and delighted to be a part of making that happen." - Mira London

"I am so happy to have been working with Lily Campbell for the last 6 years. She was the first photographer I ever shot with, and it totally hooked me. Being able to express my sexuality through such a gentle avenue has been a real treat for me. Whenever a friend wants to start modeling, I always send them to her first!" - Sosha Belle

"Working with Lily Campbell has been a one of a kind experience, it’s rare that I feel this comfortable and relaxed around the people I work with. I’m proud to be part of Lily’s vision of making content that’s true to life and focused on real pleasure and I’m really looking forward to working with her again." - Midori Black

“I would work with Lily again any time! She was warm, kind, funny and totally professional. The shoot was so relaxed and natural: I felt completely comfortable and safe with her.” - Sonia Harcourt

"I love working with Lily. It is always a pleasant fun experience that leaves me relaxed and glowing. I love that all her content is genuinely real and meant to help boost your self-esteem and widen your sexual horizons. Lily is a joy on a professional and personal level. I look forward to seeing what outstanding projects she sinks her teeth into next." - Stephie Staar

"I'm picky about who I work with, and Lily Campbell is always someone I want to work with more. It has been such an adventure working together in VR; she always seems to have new gear to try out as it gets developed. I really like that her focus is on capturing real pleasure, and that's what keeps me coming back! I love it that that being real is the main goal!" - Sierra Cirque

"If I could make this font literally *glow* I would! I met Lily 4 years ago and have been shot by her several times. In every instance I found myself in a comfortable space and pleasant atmosphere(and usually with chocolate). She shows concern for model safety and checks in with comfort levels and has always impressed me with a feeling of genuine, nonjudgmental openness. All while having fun and allowing expression of sexiness and creativity and erotic enjoyment."  - Lexx

 "As a model I’ve worked with many different photographers and producers. But from our very first shoot, I always felt comfortable with Lily Campbell. She totally goes above and beyond to ensure my safety, comfort, ease, and enjoyment. And above all, I feel I can just be my real self around her with whatever work we are creating!" - Ryanne Redd

"Working with Lily is always amazing. I can't express enough just how wonderful she is to work with. From the snacks to the giggles and talks, it's always a great time and I love how comfortable she makes all of us feel." - Catalina Renee

"I always enjoy working with Lily. She creates a very comfortable and inviting environment. When I work with her, it's not like work at all! I have a lot of fun, even on the early start days. ;)" - Verronica Kirei

"Valentine and I truly felt as though we were at home in our own private bedroom." 

- Andre Shakti

People React to A VR Vid of Lily's

People react to a VR scene Lily directed with AVN winner Sinn Sage for YanksVR. In partnership with BadoinkVR, filmed by Vibrate Communications. 



September 2017

Speaking on "Up Close & Virtual, Staying Ahead of the VR Revolution" at WMA in Amsterdam

January 2018

Speaking at XBIZ LA on the "Ethical Porn in Practice" seminar.

May 2018

Photography show "Empowered Erotica" by Lily Campbell, to benefit Call to Safety, a sexual and domestic violence organization. She is the featured artist for the month of May at Sanctuary in Portland, OR

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Lily is open to projects worldwide

Creative/Team Direction, Consulting, VR development, Writing, Speaking, Photography, Directing and Producing. She is passionate about her work and loves sharing that with others.

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